Three Reasons to Engage Family

Since you’re visiting this site, you’re likely thinking about how to involve your family in your charitable giving efforts. If you haven’t started the conversation about engaging in philanthropy with them yet, here are some reasons to consider doing so:

1. Inspire Your Family

It’s easier to inspire philanthropy in children and grandchildren when you are around to be involved – and they’re more likely to carry on that tradition of giving, even after you’re gone, if you start the conversation early.

2. Learn About Your Family

You might learn more about your family than you know. It may surprise you to learn that your family is already thinking about philanthropy, even if they feel it’s not something attainable for them right now. Or, perhaps it will inspire them to think differently about their community. Regardless, by opening up about your charitable dreams and passions, you will likely learn more about theirs.

3. Unite Your Family

It can strengthen your bond as a family. Uniting – whether in person or virtually if geography prohibits – to establish your family’s core values and help others can bring your family together in a positive, engaging and inspiring way.

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